The town Letovice lies in the beautiful valley on the junction of rivers Kretinky and bigger Svitava. It is surrounded by slopes of the Drahanska vrchovina hills and the Ceskomoravska vysocina hills. There are three dominants of the town seen from all cardinal points over the Letovice valley on hills- a chateau, the decanal church of St. Prokop and the monasterial church of St. Vaclav with the hospital of Milosrdných bratří. Letovice are a centre of business, education and culture in region.

Westward from the town along the route to Kretin and Policky there is a water-reservoir Letovice. Letovicka water-reservoir is a much-sought-for place for recreation, bathing, water sports and fishery.
Letovice Letovice
Letovice - dam Letovice - dam